How I Went From Being A Fitness Trainer To Owning One Of India's Largest Online Supplements Store

Ever since Mukund lifted his first dumbbell, it was clear that he was passionate about bodybuilding and fitness. He knew that he wanted to do something in the same domain, but little did he know that his path will not only transform his body but will also make it easier for people to transform theirs. During the initial years, he concentrated on making a name for himself in the bodybuilding community.

During the initial years, he concentrated on making a name for himself in the bodybuilding community. Through his hard work and determination, he transformed himself into a competitive bodybuilder. Over the next few years, he competed in and won numerous bodybuilding competitions. However, it took a bad turn when he fell very ill due to the use of fake products which were given to him by his supplement provider. That’s when he realized the dark side to the business he wanted to get into. Being a strong person inside out, he managed to get over this bad phase. Only this time around, he was determined not to let this happen to anyone else. He started importing his own supplements and was more than happy to provide the supplements to anyone, who was facing issues in acquiring original, good quality products. He devoted most of his time to learning everything that he could about this industry and got certified by the “American Council on exercise” – a nonprofit fitness certification, education, and training provider. Following this, there was no turning back. Mukund went all in and created various logistical channels to acquire high-quality products. He became a health coach, started his own chain of gyms and SixteenInches retail stores. He then took the business online, with and now aims to supply trusted, high-quality products to fitness enthusiasts across India.


Nowadays, it is almost impossible to get good quality original products for training. These fake products never lead to the desired result; rather, they lead to the deterioration of one’s health. However, Mukund soon realized that offline dealing limits his services to a limited number of people; he had to take his business online so that he can provide trusted and original products to each and every person who is passionate about bodybuilding. He then came upon the idea of “”, a marketplace open to all which features a wide range of Original products which are sold online with 100% transparency. This brings him closer to his objective of eliminating the use of subpar supplements and to counter the businesses which dupe people by giving them inferior fake products.

With, the vision is quite simple really. We want to provide the masses with quality products. 80% of the people who buy supplements end up getting inferior products in the same packaging. They end up paying large sums of money resulting in no value whatsoever. The vendors have no issues reducing the prices of these products since they have more than 70% margin – this further leads to more people buying those products since they see a lower price point. We want to educate the masses about these wormholes in the bodybuilding industry. Doing this will make sure that no one suffers because of this malpractice.

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