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Amino Acids/BCAAs

Are you considering taking Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) or an amino acid supplement together with your workout regimen? Well, it can considerably boost muscle growth and promote workout recovery.


Proteins play a very important role in all biological processes and amino acids form the building blocks of proteins. Almost all types of physiological processes related to recovery, energy, fat loss as well as brain functions are critically linked to amino acids, which play a fundamental role to ensure proper energy production, transport of oxygen to the cells, and development of bone, skin and muscles, etc. Also, amino acids are necessary for keeping your metabolism balanced.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are required to build various proteins used in the growth, repair and maintenance of muscle tissues. Some of the amino acids are made by the body itself, while the other must be obtained from the diet. Amino acids that are produced in the body are called non-essential amino acids, whereas those that can’t be made in the body are known as essential amino acids.

It is through the precise combination of different amino acids that the body produces various proteins essential for cell regeneration and biological processes.

Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino acids, as a group, serve the following benefits:

  • Helps in protein synthesis for muscle growth
  • Promotes tissue growth and repair
  • Prevents catabolism of muscles
  • Helps balance nitrogen in the body
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Helps in the recovery of muscles from injury
  • Suppresses appetite and is helpful against obesity
  • Prevents the body from using muscles as a fuel during intense training
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Work Out Hard with BCAAs

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), on the other hand, are a combination of three essential amino acids – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These amino acids are basically meant for the individuals who work out for long hours to achieve toned muscles. It helps enhance protein synthesis, prevent fatigue, and maintain muscle mass and strength during intense training sessions.

How BCAA Supplements Work?

During a hard workout regimen, the body breaks down muscle tissues to fuel and repair damaged muscles. In this catabolic state, BCAA supplements can supply essential amino acids to prevent muscle loss and create an anabolic state.

The presence of three essential amino acids in the BCAA supplements helps in the maintenance of muscle tissues and preserves muscle glycogen to prevent protein breakdown during exercise. In addition, this supplementation increases nitrogen retention and reduces the loss of muscle tissues. Apart from this, one of its great benefits is fast recovery of sore and fatigued muscles.

Here go some BCAA Benefits: –

The three amino acids present in BCAAs must be obtained through diet or supplementation. These three amino acids have the following benefits:


Helps maintain muscle mass
Inhibits muscle protein breakdown
Aids in healing wounds and injuries

Promotes muscle recovery after strenuous workout
Helps maintain optimal energy level
Balances nitrogen in the body

Increases muscular strength
Maintains the nitrogen balance in the body
Helps in muscle building
BCAA depletion can potentially lead to catabolism and prove to be disadvantageous for those trying to build muscles. So, to reduce the chances of muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis, opt for BCAA/ amino acid supplementation. Both amino acids and BCAA supplements are available in tablet and powder forms, which you can avail as per your requirement.

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