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Casein Protein

Consuming health supplements along with working out is very common among people to build strong muscles and lose weight. How do you maximise your efforts and derive the utmost benefits out of your workouts is a question that most of you are eager to get an answer for. A simple answer is that you should keep a check on your protein intake. But with so many choices of protein powders available in the market, it has become really difficult to choose the best among them. Also, it is important to choose the right type of protein to get the desired workout results.


One of the various types of protein powders available in the market is casein protein. With its wide range of benefits for human health, casein protein powder is available in different flavours. To know whether this protein powder is right for you, you first need to know what it is and its varied advantages.

What is Casein Protein?

Casein makes up 80% of milk protein. This protein contains phosphorus and is known for its excellent amino acid profile. The best distinguishing feature of this protein is its slow-digesting ability. It also contains dairy calcium, which proves to be beneficial in enhancing bone health. Casein is gaining popularity in the world of superior nutritional supplements and is being utilised among bodybuilders in order to reach their weight training goals by fulfilling their protein requirements.

Read on to know more about the wide range of health benefits that casein provides you with.

Slow-Digesting Protein

One of casein’s various beneficial features is the speed at which it gets digested in the body. It is a slow-digesting protein, which takes several hours to break down. Casein’s timing is its greatest strength. It provides slow and steady flow of amino acids into your bloodstream, which last for hours, thus providing you prolonged benefits. However, due to this property, it is advised to consume casein as a bed-time snack so that your body gets enough time to avail its benefits of enhancing muscle building, and recovery of muscles from fatigue and soreness suffered due to strenuous workout sessions.

It is not a good choice if you want an instant protein boost for your muscles right before or after your workouts.

Great for Muscle Building and Recovery

Adequate protein intake is vital for building muscles with the help of heavy workouts. A good protein powder helps in preventing breakdown of muscles caused due to heavy workout sessions. It helps in maintaining healthy protein balance, which is vital for muscle growth and recovery. When taken at the right time, casein makes a very effective protein in increasing your muscle-building efforts. Casein is highly pure and therefore gets less excreted and more absorbed to give you desired lean muscle mass.

Aids in Weight Loss

Many people tend to turn away from dairy products when they are on the weight-loss trail, thinking that it may lower down their desired results, which is actually not true. Research says that a balance of calcium and protein intake is necessary to lose weight in a healthy manner. Dairy products are rich in calcium, the deficiency of which can lower the strength of your bones, ultimately making you weak. Being a source of calcium, casein helps maintain a positive calcium balance in your body.

Casein protein is getting popular among fitness enthusiasts who aim at effective muscle building along with weight loss. This milk-based protein is highly beneficial in accomplishing your daily protein requirements. So, now when you are quite versed with the benefits of casein protein, be sure that you add it to your cart and try it to experience the benefits.