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Glutamine is a building block of protein and a natural nonessential amino acid found in your body. It is known widely for its ability to safeguard the immune system and digestive system. Major part of the Glutamine is present in the muscles and in the lungs, where it is produced. Those who wish to indulge in intense weight training sessions should have enough amount of this amino acid as it is essential to help your body recover immediately from strenuous workouts. This is very important to your body as it aids in flushing out the excess amount of ammonia which is toxic in nature. The Glutamine helps to aid in promoting the working of the immune system and helps to promote the functions of the brain and helps in digestion. Even though it is naturally produced by your body, its level can diminish drastically when you are involved in tough exercise regime or a stressful lifestyle. So, to coordinate with these activities, you would require more amount of Glutamine which can be availed in the form of supplements. These are available as powder, pills and liquid.


Goodness of Glutamine:
There are various significances offered by this amino acid, such as helping transport nitrogen to all the cells present in the muscles and aim at maintaining a balance in the nitrogen level in your body. Many trainers and athletes prefer to have glutamine as it can be easily consumed in the form of protein shakes or as a sport drink and the dosage can be more or less depending upon the individual’s requirements. The tasteless nature of the powder makes it compliment any beverage of your choice, such as milk or water. It helps increase the human growth hormone which helps in metabolizing body fat and helps in promoting lean muscle tissue. This hormone has a tendency to be secreted by the body during sleep and hence having the glutamine supplement right before your bed time is highly beneficial.

Glutamine – The choice of professionals:
Athletes can take these supplements immediately after a workout as it helps repair the muscle and its tissue while keeping the level of amino acid under control. The glutamine supplements are highly beneficial for those who are indulging in intense exercises such as endurance athletes as it would lead to depletion of glutamine levels in the body. These glutamine supplements, when coordinated with an effective diet plan, deliver enhanced results. But while having these supplements, always ensure that you do not combine with any hot beverages as the heat has a tendency to deplete glutamine. It helps prevent the muscles from breaking down after a vigorous workout session and helps diminish the level of muscle sores after weight training. This is why gym trainers and fitness experts would advise their clients to consume these Glutamine supplements soon after their workout sessions. The supplements usually contain glutamine in the form of L glutamine, an effective protein supplement.

Glutamine is also known for its effectiveness in promoting muscle mass. This is because lower levels of Glutamine lead to tremendous muscle wastage. On the other hand, maintaining a proper level aids in increased production growth hormones in the body, which in turn help increase the mass of your body muscles. Taking this as a dietary supplement would not affect your body weight and increase it as it aims at lean mass and not the body fat. The muscle repair feature of glutamine helps it restore the muscle glycogen at a quicker pace and hence offers scope for the athletes to perform their activity with the same intensity every day. Shorter recovery period results in high performance rates and also aids in quick muscle repair. It is also useful for those who wish to burn unwanted fat as it helps boost the hormone levels in your body and promotes the fat burning capacity of your body. This is evident as 2 grams of glutamine has the capacity to double the hormone of growth within 30 minutes time.